Best Beaches in Laguna

Laguna Beach’s rocky cliffs and picturesque coves make it an ideal beach destination. Exploring the sandy beaches and tide pools of Laguna makes for a fun day with the family. Relax and suntan on the sandy beaches, or surf and swim in the beautiful pacific. With about 8 miles of coastline, and over 30 beaches to choose from, Laguna Beach is the perfect place to stop while traveling through Orange County. As there are so many beaches to choose from, here’s a guide to the top beaches in Laguna!

The most popular beach to visit in Laguna Beach is Main beach. Marked by the iconic lifeguard tower, Main beach offers an ideal family beach environment. Go for a walk on the adjacent boardwalk, or build a sandcastle by the water. Main beach is a family friendly beach, only blocks away from Downtown Laguna Beach.

Looking for some waves? Thalia street beach is the beach for you. Beach access at the bottom of Thalia Street leads to this local surf spot. Besides surfing, Thalia street provides an amazing place to catch sun and play in the sand.

A few blocks south of Thailia lies Pearl Street beach. This less crowded beach is a must see. Snorkeling in the outer lying kelp beds is a great way to see Laguna Beach’s diverse ocean habitat. At low tide, travel through the breathtaking rock arch at the south end of Pearl Street Beach to explore the tide pools. Next to Pearl Street Beach lies woods cove, a protected cove with calmer water. Visit woods cove at night, as a light makes this spot ideal for a nighttime swim.

Divers cove is another great beach spot. This large cove is one of Laguna’s most picturesque areas. With Heisler Park directly above, diverse cove is an ideal picnic stop. Try body boarding or bodysurfing in the calm waves. Just north is fisherman’s cove. Rent kayaks here and explore the surrounding beaches.

Laguna beach’s world-class beaches are a must visit when in town. These beautiful beaches provide a wide array of activities for the whole family. If you’re a surfer, swimmer, sun-tanner or sand sculptor, Laguna’s beaches are for you.

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