Laguna Beach Restaurants: CaliFrench Cuisine

The Laguna Beach restaurant  and food scene is defined by the eclectic talents of local Chefs.   Caroline Cazaumayou’s Califrench Cuisine perfectly describes her: a chef that combines the best of French and California cuisine.  Caroline is a native of the Provence region, an area in the south of France famous for its’ colorful and fragrant cuisine.

Califrench CuisineHer roots in the Laguna Beach Culinary community run deep.  Caroline has taught cooking in Laguna Beach and Orange County for the past 19 years in stores including: Williams-Sonoma, Sur La Table and the Pottery Shack. She is the co-owner of Cooking by The Sea in San Clemente, and teaches at Antoine’s Café. Caroline also teaches privately. She is an adept, experienced and entertaining instructor with her main focus on delightful and elegant dishes with a special emphasis on simplicity and planning. Caroline also caters throughout Orange and Los Angeles counties.

To enjoy the food she had always loved from home, Caroline had to take matters into her own hands when she first moved to California. She started to cook for friends and one thing lead to the other, before she knew it she was teaching cooking and catering all over Southern California.  She fondly remembers her three years of cooking at the Pottery Shack when it was the Old Pottery Shack.

Where Chefs Dine Out in Laguna Beach

Caroline Cazaumayou Dining out as a chef is a tall order.  High quality ingredients and a menu with a twist are what Caroline looks for when seeking a Laguna Beach restaurant.  Caroline’s favorite Laguna Beach restaurant is Broadway by Amar Santana.  Chef Santana’s restaurant is inspired by New York and features Modern Cuisine of The Americas. The best seat in the house at Broadway is the Chef’s Table where you can view all the action and an intense dinner theater unfolds nightly.  Be sure to check out their Prix Fixe Menu on Mondays and Small Plate Specials on Tuesdays.

Caroline’s favorite activity in Laguna Beach is a sunset beach walk and picnic.  When dining al fresco, Caroline recommends a selection of fine cheeses, cold cuts, marinated olives, peppers and beans, great crackers and good wine.  And there you have the perfect day in Laguna Beach.

Laguna Beach Dining

Photo Courtesy of Mark Sanderson

Laguna Beach Farmers Market

To achieve the best in California cooking you must start fresh, local and in season ingredients.  Check out the Laguna Beach Certified Farmers’ Market, Caroline’s favorite shopping spot.  Every Saturday from 8-12 you will find many local farmers’ selling fresh and unique items.  One of the biggest trends in cooking is the local food movement.  This is a collaborative effort to build a more locally based food economy.  One can certainly see this in operation this at the Laguna Beach Farmers’ Market.  Not only will you find great local produce, seafood, and locally baked bread, you will see all the locals.  This is where the City shops. The Laguna Beach Certified Farmers’ Market is located in the Lumberyard parking lot near City Hall on Forest Avenue.

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