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Laguna Vida is dedicated to sharing local insights about the City of Laguna Beach.  Laguna Vida is a  must visit site for Laguna Beach travelers and visitors shares tips on hotels, restaurants, shops, music venues and activities.

Here is what people say about Laguna Vida:

I have lived in Laguna Beach  for over twenty enriching years and, like most, have fallen in love with the beauty, community and life style.  I am an avid waterman and take advantage of the surfing, stand up paddle, snorkeling, tide pools, rough water and rough water swimming that Laguna Beach is famous for.

…more things Laguna Vida:

Laguna is also renown for it’s art and art festivals, specialty shops, boutique hotels, bars, music venues and restaurants.  There are a variety of other activities including shopping, biking, hiking and walking through rugged canyons or sea side parks.

The Laguna Vida family hopes you will come visit and enhoy everything Laguna Beach has to offer.  Have fun!

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